I planned this short trip totally spon­tan­eously. Show all des­tin­a­tions, sort by price, nope, nope, Rome? Why not, I’m going! ;)
I’ve been to Rome be­fore so I knew, that I don’t have to and even don’t want to go to the mu­seums etc. Mission ac­com­plished: not a single tick­et was bought on this trip :)
Still, it took me al­most three days to switch off ‘the tour­ist mode’, to stop look­ing at the walls and to re­lax. It’s so cool to find a lawn with a patch of shad­ow, to kick your shoes off, just sit and watch the ‘reg­u­lar’ tour­ists run­ning to the next ‘top place to see in Rome’.
I’m afraid I failed to turn off ‘the walk­ing mode’ be­cause my daily av­er­age was around 20.000 steps! It’s been great four days, but my feet def­in­itely need a rest :)
Is this a street pho­to­graphy? I’m not so sure. Travel maybe? Almost no tour­ist at­trac­tions, so ‘nope’ again. But does it really mat­ter how it’s called? ;) In the UK the Autumn is already full on, so I hope you’ll just en­joy these (mostly) sunny photos.

All the im­ages were taken with Sony A7 II and Leica Q. It’s only a co­in­cid­ence, but the ra­tio is al­most 50/50. You might won­der why would I take two cam­er­as for a ‘re­laxed trip’. Well, I didn’t meas­ure that, but I’m al­most sure they to­geth­er weight less than any DSLR with a lens or two. And I simply could not have left Leica at home, right? ;)

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