My name is Michał, and I am a documentary wedding photographer based in Bedfordshire / UK.

I guess you’re here because you’re thinking: “Who’s that guy? Should we invite him to our wedding?”. Having a friendly and calm photographer around you on such a day is crucial.


I love to photograph people, and my camera is my shield. With a camera in my hand, I practice a street photography as often as I can. It’s much easier to smile and talk to strangers :) How it relates to the weddings? The experience acquired on the street makes a wedding a pure fun!

People invite me to photograph probably the most important day of their lives. Everyone is happy, looking awesome and have nothing against when I point my camera at them! Wow! Add to this breath-taking venues and it looks like a dream job. And it is! Despite doing this for almost 10 years, I still feel thrilled and blessed.

But it’s not the end. The best part is the feeling that I’m doing something important and valuable. I can’t think about any other genre of photography that is so rewarding. I take it as granted, that your wedding photographs will become your family treasures for GENERATIONS. Wow.

Bedfordshire Wedding Photographer

vinyl fan bedford

Speaking about locations…

Of course, I love to travel. People, cities, landscapes, food. All this so inspiring. If you have a few minutes, feel free to check my travel galleries and blog posts and on social media. The best thing that could happen was to connect this passion with a wedding photography. So, are you getting married abroad? You might have found your destination wedding photographer :).

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BTW, here are some special venues I had the pleasure to shoot at: Wedding Venues

What moves you? Are we alike? Let’s meet and find out.

BTW, if you’re curious how to pronounce my name, ‘mee-haw’ should do, but I won’t mind if you’ll call me ‘Michael’ ;)

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