Hello! My name is Michał, and I am a documentary wedding photographer based in Bedfordshire / UK.

    Wedding photographer from Bedford

    I am pretty sure, you’re wondering how to pronounce my name. Try to say ‘Mee-haw’. But I won’t mind if you will just call me ‘Michael’ ;)


    “Who’s that guy? Should we let him come to our wedding?”. It depends on what do you expect from your photographer. To say that I’m laid-back is like to say nothing at all. The same story with being quiet. Of course, I’m happy to give you a hand and share my experience. I helped to knot a tie or instructed how to fasten buttons on a wedding dress more times than I could count.

    – “Where to pin the buttonholes?”
    – “Should I get dressed now I later?”
    – “Do we have to {whatever}?” – No, you don’t : )

    I am your man. If you need me. But most of the time I’ll be just there, taking pictures. In a fact, I’m notorious for ‘disappearing’.

    Wedding photographer from Bedford