My name is Michał, and I am a documentary wedding photographer based in Bedfordshire / UK.

I guess you’re here because you’re thinking: “Who’s that guy? Should we invite him to our wedding?”. Having a friendly and calm photographer around you on such a day is crucial.


I love to photograph people, which is not that easy for an introvert. My camera is my shield and I practice a street photography as often as I can. With a camera in my hand, it’s much easier to smile and talk to the strangers :) How it relates to the weddings? The experience acquired on the street makes a wedding a pure fun!

People invite me to photograph probably the most important day of their lives, where everyone is happy, looking awesome and have nothing against being photographed! Wow! Add to this breath-taking venues and it looks like a dream job. And it truly is! Despite doing this for almost 10 years, I still feel thrilled and blessed.

But it’s not the end. The best part is the feeling that I’m doing something important and valuable. I can’t think about any other genre of photography that could guarantee, that my images will be treasured by GENERATIONS.

Bedfordshire Wedding Photographer

vinyl fan bedford

Speaking about locations…

Of course, I love to travel. People and the streets are so different and beautiful vistas are always inspiring. I’m also eager to experience local, traditional cuisine. You can find the visual effects of these escapades in the travel galleries and blog posts and on social media. And the best thing that could happen was to connect this passion with a wedding photography. So, are you getting married abroad? You might have just found your destination wedding photographer :).

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BTW, here are some special venues I had the pleasure to shoot at: Wedding Venues

What moves you? Maybe we are alike? Let’s meet and find out.

BTW, if you’re curious how to pronounce my name, I think that mee-haw sounds reasonably good :)

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