Cam­bridge is my nearest ‘attract­ive’ city. I’m there quite often with fam­ily or friends, but it’s also great for por­trait or engage­ment ses­sions. It’s (for a reas­on) very pop­u­lar pho­to­graphy and tour­ist des­tin­a­tion. Find­ing empty streets is rather dif­fi­cult unless it’s off sea­son. That’s why I like Cam­bridge most in early Septem­ber. Streets are not so crowded, the weath­er is still nice and if you’re lucky you can even catch some sun­light.

Less than two weeks before the wed­ding day we met again with Gabby and Alex. Such a warm-up ses­sion can be great for strength­en­ing the con­fid­ence on the wed­ding day. One thing less to worry about, right? And it can be fun too! We went for a walk, chat­ted about the details of their wed­ding and took a few pho­tos.

Engage­ment ses­sions are for me the train­ing ground. It’s an oppor­tun­ity to test new photo gear, edit­ing soft­ware or new tricks and ideas. Dur­ing this ses­sion, I used a bor­rowed cam­era. I also decided to cre­ate a slideshow with only black and white images.

It’s just 1:26, so click play and enjoy the show!