It’s al­ways so ex­cit­ing to step out of your safe zone and to shoot some­thing new. What was so spe­cial at this wed­ding? Beautiful mu­sic, which I’m afraid I could not cap­ture and three wed­ding ce­re­mon­ies back to back – civil, Jewish and Chinese. Enjoy the im­ages and don’t miss the testi­mo­ni­al be­low the post. Laura and David, thank you for the trust you put in me.


Wedding album

wedding album


“One supremely talented photographer”

For us, more than any­thing, a wed­ding pho­to­graph­er had to sur­prise, amuse, de­light and move, but def­in­itely without glitz or sen­ti­ment­al­ity. Fabulous, as­sured and com­plete tech­nic­al mas­tery are the most im­port­ant qual­it­ies — and, the sign of a real pro­fes­sion­al — get­ting it right first time, every time, be­cause you don’t get many re­peat op­por­tun­it­ies at a wed­ding. Michael un­der­stood in­stantly what was re­quired — we are an older couple, a bit out of the soft-focus age-group — and we had a com­plex series of ce­re­mon­ies: civil, Jewish, and then Chinese. He was as ex­cited as us about them, and des­pite nev­er hav­ing ex­per­i­enced the last two, cap­tured them with all the joy and oc­ca­sion­al solem­nity that they re­quire. They would tax the finest pho­to­graph­ers, but he was im­me­di­ately at­tuned. His por­traits of our guests were won­der­ful, and some are mas­ter­pieces of the photographer’s art. He is a charm­ing, mod­est, THINKING pho­to­graph­er and we oc­ca­sion­ally — but only oc­ca­sion­ally — glimpsed him dur­ing the day scut­tling around at high speed get­ting the most beau­ti­ful, un­ex­pec­ted and re­laxed pic­tures. The res­ult was a treas­ury of views that we nev­er saw or ex­per­i­enced ourselves: a com­pletely dif­fer­ent view of our wed­ding, a new di­men­sion. Any com­pet­ent pro­fes­sion­al can do the stand­ard stuff. He de­livered this with amaz­ing speed and as­sur­ance (and without bor­ing our guests, who have more im­port­ant things to do). But there was much more be­sides. His fee was also ex­traordin­ary value com­pared with the usu­al sus­pects. Snap him up, so to speak, while you can. Everyone is to a cer­tain ex­tent ap­pre­hens­ive about their wed­ding pho­to­graph­er; you can have com­plete con­fid­ence in this de­light­ful and su­perb artist.

David Levy and Laura Liew, London