Documentary Wedding Photographer based in Bedfordshire

Are you ready to trust your photographer?

Your wed­ding will be unique. Should not be your pho­to­graph­er a per­fect match? So what makes me unique? Stay­ing focused. On you and on the story of your wed­ding. I spe­cial­ise in a doc­u­ment­ary pho­to­graphy, and my style can be described as styl­ish and time­less. Trust me and the dec­ade of my exper­i­ence and you’ll be amazed you with the res­ults.

Being a wed­ding pho­to­graph­er, fath­er and a hus­band for almost ten years give me quite an insight. Years are going by like days, and every time I look at the pic­tures from my own wed­ding, I keep find­ing in them more and more. Memor­ies fade, our fam­il­ies are ‘evolving’. This might sound bold, but we are talk­ing about your fam­ily leg­acy.

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